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Live Streaming Links Menpora Cup Quarter-finals 2021: Persib vs Persebaya (Hodnocení: 0)
Od: - Středa, 14.04. 2021 - 00:56:22
NOBARTV Live Streaming Links Menpora Cup Quarter-finals 2021: Persib vs Persebaya

A fierce battle will be presented in the last eight of the 2021 Menpora Cup between Persib Bandung and Persebaya Surabaya at Maguwoharjo Stadium, Sunday (11/4/2021). This match can be watched live on Indosiar and live streaming on Vidio. NobarTV Nonton Bola Online, NobarTV Watch Soccer Online, drama korea Many have called it the final dawn for this meeting. The two teams both presented captivating games during the group stage. Both Persib Bandung and Persebaya Surabaya show their seriousness in this pre-season event.

Persib as the winner of Group D, performed consistently during the group phase. Withstanding Bali United's 1-1 draw, winning 2-0 over Persita, and finally overthrowing the dark horse Persiraja Banda Aceh 2-1. Is a neat note for foster children. Robert Alberts.

Capital that is so positive and in line with Persib's preparation for the Menpora Cup. In addition, the composition of Persib players has not changed significantly, so that cohesiveness can be maintained.

The names of old players who are familiar with Persib's game, such as Victor Igbonefo, Dedi Kusnandar, Febri Hariyadi, Henhen Herdiana, Beckham Putra, Ferdinand Sinaga, have no obstacles in chemistry and Alberts' concoctions.

Likewise for their foreign legion slots such as Nick Kuippers, Mario Jardel, Wander Luiz, and Farshad Noor adding great strength to Persib. Make your opponents scared if you have to meet them.

When undergoing the group stage, Persib presented an offensive game from the early minutes. Like when he successfully held Bali United's draw in the first match, Persib was dominant so he was able to catch up before the match was over.,, daftar film hollywood Then in the next two matches, Persib never missed scoring a goal. Antarlini has been working well, as well as players who have scored goals like Wander Luiz have also started to score again.

"Persebaya is a good team, while we will also continue playing as before," said the captain of the Persib team, Robert Alberts in a press conference ahead of the match, Saturday (10/4/2021).

"There are many strong teams with a composition of local players, such as Persebaya. They are determined to play, in Persebaya there are also many Indonesian national team players. That is what we need to be aware of," he continued.

"Continuing the positive trend, although not easy, at least all the players fought their hardest for tickets to qualify for the semifinals," said Persib's official, Febri Hariyadi, with an optimistic tone ahead of the fight against Persebaya Surabaya .

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